Literacy Volunteers of Seneca County receives assistance for new program
February 10, 2012

Literacy Volunteers of Seneca County receives assistance for new program

WATERLOO – Literacy Volunteers of Seneca County officials Arline Marino and Kaaren Gerlach accepted a grant from Seneca Meadows landfill to provide support for a new program that the Volunteers plan to institute later this year. The new program initiated by the State Education Department is an External High School Diploma Program (EDP). Literacy Volunteers needs additional assistance from local contributions for training, supplies and materials in order to institute the program in 2012. The programs at the center are provided at no cost to participants, of which the Volunteers have been providing in the County for more than 25 years. Basic literacy, English as a Second Language programs along with GED assistance have enabled adult learners to improve the quality of their lives and attain financial stability for their families. Last year 11 participants came to the Volunteers to improve their skills for job attainment, and all 11 participants now have jobs.

The new EDP initiative is designed as an alternative way for adults to earn a New York State issued High School Diploma from a local school district.
“There are a number of reasons this new diploma program would be a preferred achievement over the traditional GED program, but we recommend those interested to visit with us to help choose the right program for each individual.” said Arline Marino Executive Director of the Volunteers. “We thank Seneca Meadows for their continued support of our programs to improve the lives and income of Seneca County residents.” added Marino.
About Seneca Meadows: Seneca Meadows, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the environment: recycling up to 2 million tires per year, partnering in the production of methane generated energy for 18,000 homes, supporting wetlands conservation and environmental programming, and providing free residential recycling and electronics recycling drop off services. For more information on community partnerships with Seneca Meadows Landfill, visit or call 315-539-5624.
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